Closetful of Books - Portraits

Denise and Kelvin are young entrepreneurs with a passion for books. Being in their mid 20s they are too young to secure a loan from the Singapore Government but they decided to start their own business anyway and now provide books to many schools across Singapore. The way they talk about literature with such knowledge and passion it's not surprising to see that their business is growing really quickly. Good luck Kelvin and Denise!

A few days ago I was taken to the the fantastic new Gardens by the Bay in Singapore by fellow photographer Stuart Jenner ( We wanted to capture some pictures of the new space-age structures in the park which support a walkway for visitors. There were also great views as the sun set behind the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

For some photos it was tricky to expose the whole scene correctly as there was such a wide dynamic range from very light areas to very dark areas. This is often the case when a subject is back lit. I therefore decided to bracket five exposures for each set up (each shot having a slightly different shutter speed therefore letting in more or less light). I then combined these shots to create one combined photo in the HDR programme Photomatix.

I’m not usually a fan of HDR, especially the grungy look the photos sometimes have. But I think the ones I’ve posted here work quite well.

All Saints Church, Otterhampton, Somerset

My step-father-in-law volunteers for a great organisation, The Churches Conservation Trust, a charity saving at-risk historic churches. He took us to visit All Saints, a church which is no longer in regular use, but is well-maintained and has some interesting features, including a large oil painting and a rickety old organ. The visit was a great opportunity to test the low-light capabilities of my shiny new Nikon D800 and it performed pretty well I think, looking at the images below.