Bury St Edmunds RFC

I am lucky enough to be off to Twickenham this weekend to watch Premiership Rugby's opening weekend Double Header. With the new season starting I thought I'd post some photos of my local club Bury St Edmunds RFC. These were taken at the last game of the season. Bury were losing heavily. They then had a man sent off. Bad news. However, Bury staged a remarkable comeback to pull ahead, only for the opposition to score a last-minute try and draw the game. What a great end to the season. Good luck for this season Bury Wolfpack.


Quite often, as an editorial portrait photographer I can't pick and choose my location or the weather conditions. One of the fun challenges is making the most of the conditions in front of me.

Yesterday I had a shoot booked in with the lovely Katie Bedford who represents England at over 50s hockey. Fortunately, the all-day rain stopped for the 30 minutes when we had the shoot booked. But conditions were very dark due to the heavy cloud and overcast sky. Therefore, I decided to go for a more dramatic portrait look.

Most of the time when I use lighting, I want it to be subtle and almost unnoticeable as in the three examples below.

However, when I'm looking for a dramatic feel to the portrait I aim for the lighting to be obvious. It makes the subject stand out from the background, as with these photos...

The photos of Katie, who heads off to Holland tomorrow for the Masters European Championships, certainly fit into the latter category.