Great Saxham Landscape Photos.

Last weekend my parents were away and we went to look after their house. It gave me a great opportunity to get out and shoot some landscapes for the first time in ages. It was a beautiful afternoon but bitterly cold.

I set off across the muddy fields, walked round the end of a wood and came across a dip in the fields. The sun was setting behind a line of trees on the far side of this mini valley and it looked fantastic. I was in the middle of nowhere, it was peaceful and beautiful. A landscape photographer's dream!


Once the sun had set I walked back across the fields, boots covered in mud and fingers so cold that they couldn't grip my tripod to carry it home.

But the cold didn't worry me. After all, I'd seen a beautiful sunset and taken some (I hoped) nice photos. 

More than anything I was just really pleased to have been out shooting landscapes again.